Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeff Havens Article

Where Do Great Ideas Come From?

I had an inspiration in the shower today. That happens fairly often, and not just because I’m a compulsive bather (I shower almost every day – my mom would be so proud!). I think it’s because the shower is one of the very few places in my life when I am not at all in…

Personal Development Little Things

The Enormity of Little Things

Hey everyone! For those of you who read my newsletter often, you’ll know that I usually begin with a whimsical paragraph filled with wonder and whimsy (I like the word whimsy, so I used it twice. Three times now.) This time, though, will be a bit different. I speak often about the importance of small…


Collaborative Space Etiquette Video Series :: BLOOPERS!

We have recently released our 4-part series on Collaborative Space Etiquette to the member section of Of course we messed up a few times and wanted to share some of the moments that made us laugh.  We hope you get a laugh and make sure sign up to get full access to all of…

How to introduce a keynote speaker

How to Make Your Keynote Speaker Introduction Memorable

Thanks very much, everyone. It is an honor for me to introduce our next guest. He has been a professor of Aerodynamics at California Polytechnic Institute for the past 17 years. He’s on the board of… And you’re already not paying attention.


Managing Change in 2017

Hello, and welcome to another stupid year! Or another amazing year – it’s really yet to be determined what kind of year it’s going to be. But it definitely promises to be an interesting year, for me at least, because I’m going to become a father. This is officially the last month of my life…


How To Convince Lazy People To Work Harder

If you’re at all like me, then you’ll remember group projects from high school with a mixture of frustration and more frustration. Your history teacher assigned four of you to present a report about the Civil War, and you stayed up late three nights in a row sewing a perfect replica of a Union general’s…

Jeff Havens Ode to Meeting Planners

Ode to Meeting Planners

This rhyme is for you, And please let’s be plain. You’re planning a conference So you must be insane. Perhaps you’re a newbie And if that is so Allow me to tell you What the rest of us know. You’ll visit the venue And be treated top notch They’ll ply you with sturgeon And single…

Jeff Havens Generational Keynote Speaker

Real-World Generational Questions

Hey everyone! I just delivered a webinar with BizLibrary to 750 people about generational issues in the workplace. It went pretty well, if the lack of death threats is any indication, and several people asked follow-up questions about specific issues they were facing at work. Since I thought some of you might be facing the…

Breakup with 2016

How to Break Up With 2016!

Hello, and welcome to the end of 2016! It feels a bit like a break-up. I mean, I know I’m never going to see 2016 again, but am I making the right decision? Should I really be leaving 2016 for 2017? I mean, I hardly even know 2017. What if she’s not as good for…


Giving Can Be Fun!

Yes, we’ve posted this video for the last couple of years, but it’s still fun and hopefully encourages everyone to get in the right spirit for the holiday season!

Jeff Havens Change Management Article

How to Survive a Company Merger

My wife works at a giant company which recently announced they were going to merge with another giant company in order to create an ever gianter company with a handful of baby subsidiary spinoff companies that will each also be giant companies all by themselves. From the outside, it looks to me like a not-so-subtle…

Jeff Havens Productivity Article

How to Accomplish More By Doing Less

Sweden. The very name conjures images of yodeling shepherd women and…wait, no that’s Germany. Ah yes, the majestic fjords of…hold on, that’s Norway. White sandy beaches sounds more Caribbean-y. What’s Sweden known for, anyway?

How to create an effective powerpoint presentation

How to Create an Effective Powerpoint Presentation

I’ve been a professional keynote speaker now for over a decade, which means I know what I’m saying when I tell you that nobody really wants to look at me while I’m talking. To be fair, it’s not just me – nobody really wants to look at anyone while they’re delivering a presentation, which is…

Jeff Havens Ultrasound

We’re Expecting!

Surprise! Last month I told you that a had a fun surprise for you this month, and here it is – my wife and I are expecting our first child! We decided that we had too much disposable income and free time, and anyway I’ve been sleeping far too well lately. There was this one…

Matt Havens Office Fun Keynote

Boring Isn’t A Business Requirement!

Another week, another city! This week I’m in Atlanta where I’m getting the opportunity to learn all about highway transportation systems as I sit in hours upon hours of soul-deflating gridlock. (Am I kidding? Only slightly.) Quite frankly, though, I really enjoy visiting Atlanta. You’ve got a mix of great weather, a thriving big city,…

how to become a successful ceo

How to Become a Successful CEO

Welcome to October! The earth is moving ever farther away from the sun (which is not at all what’s happening), and trees all around the world are very, very slowly trying to kill us. If only they could drop their leaves all at once, they might succeed in taking a few of us out –…

Jeff Havens Little Free Libraries

Little Free Library Update

If you get my newsletter (which you absolutely should!!) you probably read about our initiative with and the unexpected upside that comes with being charitable.  Well our little libraries are all finished and I wanted to provide a quick update on the AMAZING response we received!  In fact, we had more people wanting the…

How to Become an Economist

How to Become An Economist

I put this video together three years ago just for fun and it’s amazing how the message is still as timely as it was when we filmed it! Video below…    

Jeff Havens Work From Home

How to Act Like a Professional When You Work From Home

Hello all! I’m currently writing to you whilst in my pajamas. They’re bright pink, and they go great with the silvery boa I have draped around my neck. My feet are quite warm in their bunny slippers, and my ears are nice and toasty behind the bunny earmuffs I threw on in an ecstatic fit…