If you’re looking for an incredible and memorable keynote speaker for your next educational conference, nothing beats a former educator. Jeff Havens began his professional career as a high school English teacher in inner-city Nashville before transitioning into the world of business education, and he combines a deep understanding of the particular challenges of educational professionals along with an unparalleled delivery style that will have your audience laughing more than they ever thought possible at an educational event.

Jeff comes from a long line of educators – his grandmother was a teacher, his mother taught special education, and his father was an adjunct professor. Conversations about school, education, and public policy were a constant part of Jeff’s upbringing and a major reason he decided to become an educator himself. Since becoming a keynote speaker, Jeff has worked for hundreds of colleges and universities (University of Wisconsin, Illinois State University, Virginia Tech, Amherst College, the University of Texas and too many others to list) as well as educational providers such as the Douglas Stewart Company and the Council on Occupational Education. His business training materials are featured in prominent corporate training libraries like BizLibrary and Cornerstone, and he will always consider himself an educator, even if ‘keynote speaker’ is the term people more commonly use.

While most speakers specialize in a single topic, Jeff has developed multiple keynotes on a variety of topics. However, three in particular are ideal for educational clients. Us Vs. Them is the funniest generational presentation you will ever see and is perfect for help graduating students transition into their working lives or to help educators balance the needs of veteran teachers and employees against the concerns of newer hires. Uncrapify Your Future! simplifies the innovative process into three easy steps for those educators who feel they are constantly being asked to do more with less (which would be, um, all of them). And the forthcoming Old, New, Crappy & Happy – The Four Truths of Customer Service can help colleges, universities, and educational companies attract the best talent and provide them with the kind of environment they’re craving. For a more detailed explanation of each of these keynotes, please visit the Keynotes page.

Educators do some of the most important and difficult work on the planet, and you deserve a keynote speaker who will give you a fantastic time while providing some excellent messages. If you’re looking for a lecture that will have people staring at their phones five minutes in, then find somebody else. But if you’d like a dynamic, engaging, laugh-out-loud keynote to kick off your next educational event, then Jeff Havens is exactly what you’re looking for.

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