Finding a great customer service keynote speaker is difficult. Plenty of people can talk about what great customer service looks like, but they don’t often discuss why it works or how it translates from one business or industry to another. Not to mention that listening to a bunch of stories about great customer service isn’t always riveting. Fortunately, Jeff Havens combines serious customer service solutions in a seriously funny way that is guaranteed to make his keynote speech the highlight of your next event.

For the last 15 years Jeff has presented to some of the most customer-focused companies in North America and Asia. King’s Hawaiian, Trader Joe’s, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, The Cleveland Browns, Southwest Airlines – these companies and countless others have hired Jeff to help transform their customer experience with his unparalleled blend of well-researched content and an undeniably engaging delivery.

Jeff speaks on a wide variety of business growth issues, but the presentation you’re looking for is Old, New, Crappy & Happy – The Future of Business in Four Simple Truths. In it, Jeff reveals the four key issues that drive customer behavior, both today and for the foreseeable future. For more information, please visit the Keynotes page.

Customer service is the new battleground. Your competitors probably offer products and services similar to yours, and your prices are probably similar as well. But if you can deliver a better customer experience more often and more consistently than your competition, then you’re going to have a better business, a happier customer base, and an easier life. Jeff Havens will show you how to do that, and you’ll laugh just as much as you learn. What could be better?

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