Finding the right motivational speaker is a truly daunting task. Obviously you want somebody who will inspire your audience to believe in themselves and achieve more than they previously thought was possible. It would be great if that inspiration could be packaged in a well-researched keynote address instead of a well-intentioned collection of fluffy platitudes. And it would be even better if that content-rich message could be delivered in a fun, engaging, high-energy way.

And that’s exactly what Jeff Havens can do for you. For the last 15 years Jeff Havens has been delivering motivational keynote addresses to businesses and associations across North America and Asia. Santander, Nationwide Insurance, Royal LePage, Regis Corporation, Virginia Tech, Bayer, Caterpillar, Caesar’s Entertainment, University of Texas, Ford Motors, USBank, Lockheed Martin – all of these and hundreds more have delighted in Jeff’s motivational messages, thanks to his unprecedented ability to deliver actionable inspiration in an undeniably entertaining way.

Unlike most keynote speakers who specialize in a single topic, Jeff has developed multiple presentations on a variety of topics. So whether you’re looking for a keynote address that will inspire your company’s leaders to new and greater heights, hoping to encourage your team to believe in their ability to think flexibly and creatively, or eager to assure your people that they can handle the challenges the future is certain to bring, Jeff has a keynote address that’s right for you. For more details on his specific presentations, please visit the Keynotes page.

You want your next event to be the best ever. What better way to make that happen than with a motivational speaker who can make your audience laugh as much as they’ll learn? Contact us today!

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