Uncrapify Your Future! Innovation Keynote

Uncrapify Your Future!

Innovation for your entire organization

Innovation is not a skill that only a few can master, and it does not require a re-engineering of your brain.  It turns out that every innovation in every industry follows the same (unbelievably simple) process.

Want to learn what that process is?

Unleash Your Inner Tyrant Leadership Keynote

Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!

Jeff’s hysterical take on leadership training!

Sometimes it helps to see what bad leadership looks like in order to know how to be a good leader.  You’ve never seen a leadership keynote quite like this one!

Ready to drive employee engagement through the roof?

Decoding Your Customers Customer Experience Keynote

Decoding Your Customers

Win the hearts and minds of your customers like never before

Customers behave according to principles rooted in basic human psychology.  Understand that psychology, and you’ll never waste time trying to predict the future – you’ll simply know what to do.  

Eager to understand what every customer is really looking for?

Jeff Havens Generational Keynote

US vs. THEM!

Resolving generational issues has never been this much fun!

We aren’t inventing a new type of person every 15 years, and the differences between us are a lot less complicated than they may appear.

Interested in simple, long-term generational solutions?

Change Management Keynote

Conquering Tomorrow!

Overcoming the Fear of Change

Change can be one of the most frightening things in life. It can also be one of the best things that ever happens to us. And we usually get to choose which way it goes.

Ready to approach change with confidence instead of concern?

“Everyone I’ve talked to absolutely loved him! He was great!”

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