Finding an excellent consumer goods and retail services keynote speaker is not an easy task. Industry experts are too frequently dry and unengaging. Outside “experts” are rarely experts. Fortunately, Jeff Havens combines deep experience in consumer goods and retail services with an engaging and hysterical delivery that will make your next event the most entertaining and informative your audience has ever seen.

For seven years, throughout high school and college, Jeff worked in retail services, which sparked his initial interest in how these industries work. Since becoming a keynote speaker 15 years ago, Jeff has focused much of his research and analysis on the retail landscape, which has given him deep insight into the particular challenges of consumer goods and retail services companies. In that time Jeff has worked for companies like Trader Joe’s, King’s Hawaiian, US Beef (Arby’s), Paparazzi, The Kroger Company, and the Regis Corporation, all of whom value both his attention to detail and his undeniably entertaining delivery.

Unlike most speakers, who specialize in a single topic, Jeff has developed multiple presentations on a variety of topics. However, four in particular are ideal for consumer goods and retail services clients. Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! is a leadership presentation unlike anything you’ve ever seen, designed to supercharge your employee engagement and ideal for everyone from shift supervisors to the C-suite. Us Vs. Them is an utterly unique generational keynote perfect for any company eager to balance the needs of veteran workers against the concerns of newer hires. Uncrapify Your Future! simplifies the innovative process into three easy steps for those consumer goods and retail services attendees who feel they are constantly being asked to do more with less. And the forthcoming Old, New, Crappy & Happy – The Four Truths of Customer Service synthesizes the ever-evolving question of how to deliver exceptional customer service into four questions that will drive companies and customer behavior into the foreseeable future. For a more detailed explanation of each of these keynote, please visit the Keynotes page.

Few industry are changing as rapidly as consumer goods and retail services – automation, changing customer expectations, an evolving workforce and working environment, the rise of online everything, and that’s just scratching the surface. You need a keynote speaker who understands your issues, who has worked for companies similar to yours, and who can keep your audience engaged and entertained while they are thinking about how to improve their businesses and themselves. Book Jeff Havens today – you’ll be thrilled with the results!

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