Looking for a fun, high-energy keynote speaker for your next agricultural conference? Jeff Havens is one of the most in-demand keynote speakers in the ag sector, thanks to his ability to deliver high-quality content in a unique and engaging way. Even the most reserved members of your audience will be laughing out loud as Jeff walks them through solutions to the unique challenges of farming and agriculture.

Born amidst the cornfields of Illinois (well, not actually in them, but you get the idea), Jeff has always had a deep respect for the hard work and intelligence required to be successful in agriculture. As Jeff sometimes says in his keynotes, “If you think rocket science is hard, you should try to analyze soybean futures.” Throughout his 15-year career, Jeff has brought his hilarious and eye-opening keynotes to some of the biggest players in agriculture, including ADM, CTB, Inc., Farm Credit Services of America, Frontier-Servco, and Growmark.

While Jeff has multiple presentations on a variety of topics, two in particular are ideal for an agricultural audience. Us Vs. Them is a highly entertaining look at generational differences, which is especially relevant in the farming and agricultural worlds since these are often family businesses. The other is Uncrapify Your Future!, a detailed look at the process by which innovation occurs and the deceptively simple formula for making it a natural part of our everyday lives. Given the speed with which new technologies, seed formulations, and trade practices have changed agriculture in the last few years, Uncrapify Your Future! is an excellent choice for those who want to be ahead of the curve instead of trying to catch up to it.

Agriculture is the most critical sector of our entire economy – without it, nobody would eat. Your audience is the reason everyone else is able to do what they do, and for that reason alone they deserve an agriculture speaker who will help them enjoy the process of improving their businesses. Jeff Havens will help make yours the best event in years.

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