Want to make your next government or social services conference one for the ages? Jeff Havens is THE premier keynote speaker for government and social services events, thanks to his ability to deliver high-quality education in a unique, hilarious, and unforgettable way. Your attendees have never seen anyone like Jeff before, and they will be talking about his keynote for the rest of the conference.

A former teacher and professional stand-up comedian, Jeff has been bringing the house down at government and social services events for the past 15 years. His infectious energy and intellectual versatility have allowed him to address groups such as the Nebraska Department of Education, Michigan Works!, South Dakota Housing Development Authority, State and Local Government Benefits Administrators (SALGBA), and dozens of others. Charismatic and insightful, hilarious and thought-provoking, Jeff will ensure that your government or social service audience will reap a surprising amount of education at the same time that they are laughing harder than they ever have at a conference.

Where most speakers focus only on a single topic, Jeff has developed multiple presentations on a variety of subjects. However, four of his keynotes are best suited for government and social services audiences. Uncrapify Your Life! is a hysterical take on communication and change management that is perfect for closing out a conference or for awards banquets and employee recognition events. Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! is a leadership presentation like nothing you’ve ever seen, designed to skyrocket employee engagement and ideal for anyone in a managerial or supervisory role. Us Vs. Them is the funniest generational keynote you will ever see, perfect for any audience struggling to balance the needs of veteran workers against the needs of newer hires. And Uncrapify Your Future! simplifies the innovative process into a remarkably intuitive three-step solution that will benefit everyone who has ever felt like they’re constantly being asked to do more with less (and let’s face it, you are always being asked that!). To learn more about Jeff’s specific presentations, please visit the Keynotes page.

It’s unfortunate that government and social services workers rarely get the credit they deserve, especially since so many lives depend on what you do. At the very least, your people deserve an event where they’ll be begging to come back next year. Jeff Havens can make sure that your next government or social services conference is the best it’s ever been. Who said a keynote speech had to be dull and boring? See what Jeff Havens can do for you!

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