If you’re organizing a healthcare conference, you certainly want your keynote speaker to understand the specific challenges of the healthcare industry. But wouldn’t it be great if that person could also deliver serious solutions in a seriously funny way? Jeff Havens has been doing exactly that for healthcare professionals for the past 15 years, and he will help make your next event one for the ages.

The field of healthcare is one of almost constant change – new regulations, cutting-edge procedures and technologies arriving at a breakneck rate, evolving patient expectations, and that’s not even the beginning. You need a keynote speaker who understands your issues, who has worked for companies similar to yours. Over the past 15 years Jeff has spoken Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the American Dental Association, Quest Diagnostics, the Association of Otolaryngology Administrators, and the Kentucky Health Care Association, all of whom appreciate Jeff’s unparalleled ability to tackle important issues in an undeniably entertaining way.

While most speakers specialize in a single topic, Jeff has developed multiple presentations on a variety of subjects. However, four in particular are ideal for healthcare clients. Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! is a leadership presentation unlike anything you’ve ever seen, designed to supercharge your employee engagement and ideal for everyone from shift supervisors to senior administrators. Us Vs. Them is an utterly unique keynote address about generational issues that is perfect for any hospital, insurer, or provider struggling to balance the needs of veteran workers against the needs of newer hires. Uncrapify Your Future! will simplify the innovative process for those healthcare attendees who feel that they are constantly being asked to do more with less. And Old, New, Crappy & Happy – The Future of Customer Service in Four Simple Truths synthesizes the challenge of delivering an exceptional customer experience into four questions that will drive patient behavior (and thus business growth) into the foreseeable future.

You are in the business of saving lives, and your attendees deserve a conference that will reward them for the crucially important work they do. What better way to do so than with a keynote speaker who understands your industry and can make your people laugh as much as they’ll learn? Book Jeff Havens for your next healthcare event!

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