If you’re looking for a dynamic motivational leadership speaker with a fresh perspective, then Jeff Havens is exactly what you need. With his unparalleled blend of education and entertainment, Jeff has spent the last 15 years providing serious solutions in a seriously funny way to companies across North America and Asia. Ford, Epson, USBank, Southwest Airlines, ADM, Kroger, Trader Joe’s – these companies and hundreds more have hired Jeff to help improve their leadership culture, and all because of his uncanny ability to combine essential information with an undeniably engaging delivery.

While most keynote speakers focus entirely on a single element of leadership, Jeff has developed multiple keynote addresses to tackle different facets of the leadership challenge. With titles like Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! and Us Vs. Them!, you can already see that this will not be your typical keynote. To learn more about Jeff’s specific offerings, visit the Keynotes page.

Effective leadership is one of the most essential determinants of a successful company. What better way to help your people become better leaders than by allowing them to enjoy the process of improving their leadership? Book Jeff Havens as your next keynote speaker, and you’ll see why he’s one of the most in-demand leadership speakers in the world.

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