If you’re planning an event for an audience of insurance or legal professionals, you need to get several things right. You obviously need top-quality educational sessions. But at the same time, you don’t want that education to be dry and uninspiring. That’s why Jeff Havens is the perfect keynote speaker for your next insurance or legal conference. His keynotes provide serious solutions in a seriously funny way, and even the most reserved members of your audience will be laughing out loud as Jeff helps them navigate the unique challenges facing the insurance and legal industries.

Jeff was born into the insurance and legal industries; his grandfather rose through the ranks to become a vice president at State Farm, where his father also spent 15 years as a corporate lawyer. In fact, Jeff’s immediate family has over 100 years of collective experience in the insurance and legal industries. That’s one of the reasons Jeff has been such a popular choice for insurance and legal clients during his 15 years as a keynote speaker, because he truly understands those worlds. The other reason that companies like Nationwide, American Strategic Insurance, Horace Mann, LOMA, and Thompson & Knight hire Jeff is because his keynotes are equally as entertaining as they are educational, offering clear guidance with an unforgettable style that is certain to make his presentation the highlight of your next conference.

While most keynote speakers have a single topic, Jeff has developed multiple keynote presentations on a variety of subjects. However, three in particular are ideal for insurance and legal clients. Us Vs. Them is a flat-out hysterical look at generational differences in the workplace, ideal for any company struggling to balance the needs of veteran workers against the needs of newer hires. Uncrapify Your Future! is a detailed look at the process by which innovation occurs and the deceptively simple formula for making it a natural part of our everyday lives; and given the speed with which new laws and regulations are constantly being introduced, Uncrapify Your Future! is an excellent choice for those who want to be ahead of the curve instead of trying to catch up to it. Finally, Old, New, Crappy & Happy – The Future of Business in Four Simple Truths synthesizes the challenge of intelligent business growth into four simple questions that will drive growth into the foreseeable future.

The insurance and legal industries are some of the largest and most important in the world. Your people deserve a conference they’ll remember for years. What better way to do so than with a keynote speaker who understands your industry and can make your people laugh as much as they’ll learn? Book Jeff Havens for your next insurance or legal event!

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