Change Management.

If there’s one thing that’s true for everybody, it’s that things are constantly changing.  Sometimes that’s great, like when we win the lottery or land an important account – those changes are easy to deal with. But sometimes change isn’t so great, like when there’s a worldwide pandemic that comes out of nowhere and shuts the entire planet down – that happened once, remember?  And when these kinds of changes hit us, we have a tendency to run and hide and kick and scream and basically deal very poorly with them.  If only there were a way to see “negative” changes in a more positive light…

That’s where Conquering Tomorrow comes in. Designed for anyone who has ever approached an upcoming change with hesitation or dread (which is everyone), Conquering Tomorrow takes audiences on a journey through some of life’s most common “bad” changes – some personal, some professional – to reveal a profound and important truth: that while the process of going through difficult changes may not always be fun, the end result of those changes is usually far better than we’re afraid it will be.

Oh, and did I mention that the whole thing is funny? Delivered with Jeff’s trademark wit and infectious enthusiasm, Conquering Tomorrow is a highly personalized approach to one of the thorniest challenges facing modern businesses – getting employees to buy into the changes that will inevitably come. Part motivational speech, part change management seminar, and all hilarious, Conquering Tomorrow will leave your people feeling like they can handle anything the world throws at them – even if they weren’t looking for it.

“Simply put, it was the most engaging, enjoyable and value added presentation I have ever attended.”


    • Recognizing the four main reasons we most commonly fear or resist unplanned, unexpected, or unasked-for changes

    • Learning to distinguish between the process of change (which is sometimes frustrating) and the result of change (which is usually positive)

    • Developing a long-term attitude toward change management to help reduce short-term frustrations and put temporary setbacks into proper context

    • How to use current successes as a guide for how future changes are likely to resolve themselves

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