goals and change management 2022

Why Do We Achieve Some Goals and Not Others?

So it’s a new year, which means it’s time to do something different.  At least that’s what everyone else seems to think.  So half the world has just joined a gym, or bought some language-learning program, or maybe signed up for those piano lessons they’re constantly putting off, and this is going to be the…

positive thinking jeff havens

Reimagining the Power of Positive Thinking

Everybody’s heard of the power of positive thinking – and if you’re like me, then the phrase is vaguely annoying.  “So I’m just supposed to think happy thoughts and everything will magically work out?”  That’s kind of how it’s presented, but life doesn’t exactly work that way.  For example, I once had a happy thought…

The Great Resignation

How ‘The Great Resignation’ Can Work to Your Advantage

By now you’ve heard the news – everyone is quitting every job everywhere.  Nobody is actually employed anymore, and the great engine that runs our global society is grinding to a shuddering halt.  In fact, it’s probably a good time to start stocking up again on toilet paper.  Chances are the people who make it…

Jeff Havens Keynote Speaker 2022

How In-Person Events Look Now

Since many businesses are currently debating whether or how to return to the office – and meeting planners are debating how exactly to host their events – I thought it might be helpful this month to give you some insight into the state of in-person events today. My first live event post-apocalypse (my cutesy way…

when is enough actually enough

When is Enough Actually Enough?

My wife is from Spain, and ever since I met her I have been fond of saying that the best way to live is somewhere between the American way and Spanish way.  I’m pretty sure that statement could be applied more broadly as well – somewhere between my way and your way is the best…

work shortage

A New Explanation For The Current Labor Shortage

By now you’re undoubtedly aware of the latest pandemic paradox: at the same time millions of people are out of work, millions of employers can’t find workers.  The explanations for our current labor shortage have been chalked up to a variety of causes from health concerns to unemployment benefits to remote schooling.  I’m not going…

How much control do you have

How Much Do We Actually Control?

(Hint – It’s More Than You Think) For most of us, the issue of control is a pretty big one.  We like the idea of being in control at all times – of our diets, our schedules, our financial future, our children.  There are times, of course, when we relinquish control and do wild and…

remote work

Are Your People Really Happy With Remote Work?

In the last few months I’ve read countless articles and had dozens of conversations with people regarding the reality of remote work.  For the most part, there seems to be no good consensus.  Some people seem to love it and other people hate it, still other people like it a little but don’t want to…

return to normal

How to Transition Back to “Normal”

It’s finally happening.  After over a year of living with some quite unexpected and unprecedented constraints, the world is finally, slowly opening back up.  Whether we return to a fully open state tomorrow or several months from now – and also regardless of whether you think it should have happened yesterday or should be put…


How to Combat the Need for Perfection

I recently had a conversation with a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years.  I’ve always loved talking with this particular friend, but this time she was more somber when the conversation ended.  My friend was working herself to exhaustion – she couldn’t sleep, was losing more weight than she could afford to, and was…


Why Boredom Is Good For You

It’s safe to say that most of us have experienced a higher-than-average level of boredom in the last 12 months.  Nothing like having everything closed and being forced to stay at home to make you wonder what exactly to do with your time.  For many of us, the answer was to complain about it.  I’ve…

Moving Forward in 2021

Moving Forward When Everything Has Changed

And here we are.  It’s 2021, and the longest year in living memory is finally behind us.  Time to celebrate and get back to normal, right? Except that there really is no getting back to normal, is there?  Both personally and professionally, you’ve experienced too many changes for too long to just hit ‘reset’ and…

Positive Thinkinging 2020

Looking On The Bright Side of The Worst Year Ever

We made it!  We are at the end of the longest, most annoying year any of us has experienced.  I think it’s safe to say 2020 has been thoroughly exhausting – and in case you don’t agree, I recommend keeping your thoughts to yourself if you want to keep any of your friends. And yet,…

zoom fatigue article

Conquering Zoom Fatigue Once and For All

So, you’re sick of videoconferences.  You’re not alone.  Healthy percentages of us – between 25% – 35%, depending on which survey you read – are zoning out on calls, or doing other things, or simply staring at the wall and waiting to hear our names so that we can say, “Uh-huh” or “I agree” and…

decision making article

Overcome the Paralysis of Making Small Decisions

Sometimes I spend ten minutes trying to decide which pair of pants I should wear.  My wife has been known to agonize for weeks about what theme to choose for our children’s birthday parties.  And my brother once spent two years debating which couch to buy for his living room.  None of these are life-altering…

Business Improvement Tips During Coronavirus Times

What To Do When Your Business Is Idle

Last month I wrote an article about what to do when you have nothing to do.  It was designed for individuals who were starting to get tired of walks around the neighborhood and board games and all the things we’ve spent five months doing waaaaay more of than usual.  It was a great article, possibly…

Personal Improvement

How to Improve Yourself When You Have Excess Downtime

The pandemic has brought a grand reckoning to almost every element of our lives, but the one I’d like to focus on here is how it has forced us to figure out what to do when we might feel there is nothing to do.  In fact, if you can ignore for a moment the various…

The Upside of Catastrophe

The Upside of Catastrophe

I’m not saying anything especially ground-breaking when I say that the last several months have been catastrophic for just about everyone.  There’s the pandemic, obviously.  But that’s not the only catastrophe I’m referring to.  There’s the murder of George Floyd in broad daylight on a busy street, which was not the first time a person…

Funny Fishing

It’s Not All Catastrophe

Thankfully the last month hasn’t been all catastrophe.  Here are some things that should bring a smile to your face.  The world is still weird – rejoice! Lucky Man Can Fish All He Wants A Michigan man recently won a $4,000,000 jackpot – 3 years after winning a different $4,000,000 jackpot.  He used a lucky…

One thing stronger than a pandemic

The One Thing Stronger Than a Pandemic

(aka Colemans Rule!) So my house flooded last month, because why not.  And not just my house, but several thousand of them where I live.  You may have seen it on the news – a dam broke about 30 miles north of where I live and forced an immediate evacuation of about 10,000 families immediately…


Howl At the Moon!  (Or Your Neighbors)

And here we go, yet another month of disruption – and yet another month where people found interesting and fun ways to deal with it.  Hope you enjoy! If You’re Happy And You Know It… Howl as loudly as possible.  That’s at least what one Facebook group with over 500,000 members has decided to do. …