If you’re looking for an innovation speaker, then you obviously want somebody who can prepare your team for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. But it wouldn’t hurt for that person to be dynamic, inspiring, and uproariously entertaining. With his unparalleled blend of education and entertainment, Jeff Havens is precisely the innovation speaker you are looking for.

For the last 15 years Jeff has been providing serious solutions in a seriously funny way to companies across North America and Asia. Million Dollar Round Table, Gartner, Quest Diagnostics, US Cellular, Racepoint Global, Honeywell – these companies and hundreds more have hired Jeff to help supercharge their creativity and innovation, and all because of his uncanny ability to combine essential information with an undeniably engaging delivery.

While most innovation speakers argue for need to ‘retrain’ your brain, Jeff’s approach is to remind his audience that being innovative is at the core of how we operate on a daily basis. His Uncrapify Your Future! keynote deftly illustrates that innovation always follows the same three-step process regardless of project or industry, and it also happens to be the funniest innovation keynote there is. It’s the best of both worlds, plain and simpe. To learn more, please visit the Keynotes page.

Your business is always changing, and you will always need people to anticipate and capitalize on those changes. If you want an innovation speaker who encourages them to believe that being innovative is a daunting task only a few elites can handle, hire someone else. But if you want your audience to realize that they’re all capable of greatness, then Jeff Havens and Uncrapify Your Future! is for you.

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