Most innovation speakers introduce the subject like this:  “The world is changing faster than ever before, everything you’re doing is about to become obsolete, and if you don’t come up with some amazing ideas in the next 18 seconds your business is going to disappear. Have a nice day.” And if that’s the kind of doomsayer message you’re looking for, then you can stop reading now.

But if you’d like to present innovation as a simple process that literally everyone is capable of mastering, then you might want to listen to Uncrapify Your Future!  Jeff Havens will make the process of solving problems, exploiting opportunities, and surviving massive (and sometimes unexpected) disruption easier and more rewarding than you ever thought possible. Because it turns out that every innovation in every industry – from automobiles to streaming music, coffee cup holders to wartime treaties – follows the same straightforward pattern.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s also hilarious? Well it is.  Imagine that – a keynote that’s both educational and enjoyable? How innovative!

“Your presentation was the talk of the entire convention!


  • Understanding that innovation is typically a slow and incremental process, not an immediate disruption of existing systems. (This is true even for ‘disruptive’ products and technologies!)

  • The three-step process which every innovation throughout all of human history has inevitably followed

  • The one and only barrier to innovative thought, and how to overcome it

  • Case studies of various innovative products and ideas – which any one of your audience members could conceivably have come up with on their own

  • Various examples that illustrate how innovative each and every member of your audience already is. (How can I do that without having spoken to any of them? You’ll have to see the keynote to find out!)

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