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We offer a considerable and continually growing collection of personal and professional development video series. Each series contains 4-12 videos, each shorter than it takes you to make a cup of coffee. Each series comes with additional, impactful support materials to maximize both your learning and laughs.

Business Skills, Human Resources, DEI, and Professional Development

Better Business Behavior

Better Business Communication

Collaborative Space Etiquette

Conducting Exceptional Interviews

Conflict De-Escalation Techniques

Conflict De-Escalation Techniques for Face Covering Policies

Conflict Resolution

Contact Center Excellence - Speaking the Language

Contact Center Excellence - Beyond the Metrics

Creating an Incredible Company Culture

Identifying Customer Types

Customer Service: Remarkable Customer Service

Customer Service

Difficult Conversations

Dressing For Success

Emerging Leaders

Employee Engagement Essentials

Business Ethics

Ethics for Everyone

Financial Services Business Skills

Identifying and Preventing Sexual Harassment

Interviewing Skills: Career Advancement Techniques

Leading Through Organization Change

Leading Virtual Teams

Overcoming Generational Differences

Mastering Change Management

Professional Excellence

Providing Constructive Feedback

Sales Fundamentals

Sales: Overcoming Objections

Understanding the Sales Process

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Building Customer Relationships


Building a Lasting Culture of Safety

Creating a Safe Industrial Workplace

Equipment Safety Essentials

Effective Use of PPE

Handling Chemicals Safely

Preventing Workplace Injury

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Workplace Safety Essentials

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Workplace Safety for Office Professionals

Plus individual bonus videos!

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  • Bathroom and Breakroom Etiquette

  • Controlling the Spread of Germs

  • Handwashing and Cleaning Protocols

  • Handshake Alternatives

  • How to Put on and Take Off PPE

  • Correct Pronoun Usage

  • Proximity Bias Prevention

  • Conducting Virtual Interviews

  • Nailing Your Virtual Interview

  • Virtual Onboarding

  • What to Do If You Test Positive for COVID-19

  • Returning to Work Protocols and Guidelines

  • Allyship

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Video Samples

Remarkable Customer Service : Trailer

Episode 1 from “Professional Excellence”

Episode 1 from “Generations”

Identifying Customer Types : Trailer

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We’ve been producing microlearning training content for 10 years, since before the term ‘microlearning’ was in widespread use.  Our founder, Jeff Havens, has spoken to over 1,000 business audiences across the world on subjects as diverse as leadership, innovation, and the customer experience.  In addition, we consult with a broad array of subject-matter experts – HR professionals, business ethicists, OSHA instructors, and even fitness experts – to continually develop well-researched content in the areas of business skills, compliance, safety, and wellness.  Our mission is to provide serious solutions in a seriously funny way, and our unique ability to provide meaningful education in an entertaining way has found favor with thousands of companies across the globe.