Are you an automotive or manufacturing company looking for a keynote speaker who truly understands your industry? Would you like that person to be charismatic, insightful, and incredibly funny? Then Jeff Havens is the ideal choice for your next automotive or manufacturing conference. For the last 15 years, Jeff has provided lasting impact with an undeniably entertaining delivery that is certain to be the highlight of your next event.

Few industries face as many challenges as the automotive and manufacturing sectors – new sources of energy, an ever-shifting global economy, changing customer expectations, an evolving workforce and working environment, and that’s just scratching the surface. You need a keynote speaker who understands your issues, who has worked for companies similar to yours. Jeff comes from a manufacturing family, with relatives in senior positions at Caterpillar, Guardian Glass, and Owens Corning. What began as dinner-table conversations soon evolved into a much deeper interest in the way things get built, and over the last 15 years Jeff has delivered keynote addresses to companies such as Bridgestone, Ford Motors, GEARS Magazine, General Motors, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Miron Construction, Southern Gas Association, and The Auto Club Group.

While most speakers specialize in a single topic, Jeff has developed multiple presentations on a variety of topics. However, three in particular are ideal for automotive and manufacturing clients. Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! is a leadership presentation unlike anything you’ve ever seen, designed to supercharge your employee engagement and ideal for everyone from shift supervisors to the C-suite. Us Vs. Them is an utterly unique keynote address about generational issues that is perfect for any company struggling to balance the needs of veteran workers against the needs of newer hires. And Uncrapify Your Future! will simplify the innovative process for those automotive and manufacturing attendees who feel that they are constantly being asked to do more with less.

You make the things that make the world go, and your attendees deserve a conference that will reward them for all the hard work they do. What better way to do so than with a keynote speaker who can make them laugh as much as they’ll learn? Book Jeff Havens for your next automotive or manufacturing event, and you’ll rest easy knowing that Jeff will bring a level of understanding and respect to your conference that other keynote speakers simply can’t match.

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