Jeff Havens Innovation Keynote Speaker Article

How To Find the Time To Come Up With Great Ideas

You’re probably reading this while doing something else. You might be eating, or pretending to listen to a conference call you don’t care very much about – or maybe you’re driving, in which case LOOK OUT!!! Most of us spent a lot of time trying to do multiple things at once, if for no other…

Fun Employee Engagement

Unorthodox Ways To Improve Your Employee Engagement

Oh my gosh, another article about employee engagement! You must be so excited right now!!!! Or you’re not. After all, there are only 12 billion of these things floating around the Internet, so why bother reading this one? Don’t you know everything there is to know? The answer to that is probably yes. You know…

Jeff Havens Motivational Speaker

How to Motivate Others When They Don’t Want To Work

Congratulations! If you’ve read my other article, then you are now as motivated as ever, ready to make the world into your oyster – which is a terrible thing to want to make the world into, by the way, since oysters are gross, but that’s the phrase. Anyway, you are locked and loaded and ready…

Jeff Havens How to be a better salesperson

Delightful Ways to Destroy the Morale of Your Salespeople

You know, I like to think of myself as a creative person. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I made quite the impressive collection of pinch pots when I was in elementary school; one of them was so incredible, in fact, that I should really refer to it as a pinch jug. So…

How to Work Less by Jeff Havens

How To Become More Productive By Doing Less Work

You’d be forgiven for thinking I chose the title for this article specifically to trick you into reading. People do that all the time now, like “Lose Twenty Pounds With This 2-Minute Exercise Miracle!” or “Six Easy Steps To Make a Million Dollars!” Unfortunately, most of those articles don’t deliver what they’ve promised, although I…

How to Do Nothing by Jeff Havens

Why “Doing Nothing” Should Be A Part Of Your Workday

Warren Buffett. I’m beginning this way because starting this article off with his name will probably help me in web search rankings, and I’m a slave to Internet algorithms. I also did it because he’s crazy rich and yet somehow people don’t hate him for it, which is a pretty impressive feat. And I also…

Jeff Havens - Unorthodox Leadership

The 3 Most Unorthodox (and Most Effective) Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Listen more. Be positive. Celebrate success. Give people bacon. You’ve heard all the standard ways to motivate your employees before, and you’re tired of reading the same advice. Luckily for you, I’m tired of writing it, too. Don’t get me wrong. I still want to help you become a better manager. I still want you…

Jeff Havens Sales tips

3 Surefire Ways to Lose Your Next Negotiation

Recently a good friend of mine (which means I have at least two good friends, or else I would have said ‘recently the good friend I have’) chose not to run for a leadership position in an association she belongs to. She decided not to run because there were two other candidates interested in the…

Why Your Marketing Department Is More Important Than Ever

Why Your Marketing Department Is More Important Than Ever

Marketing has always been important. Without it, we wouldn’t know what 15 minutes can save you, or (for my older readers, including myself) where the beef is. (Side note: they never really answered that question, did they? They just said, “Where’s the beef?” and apparently we were all supposed to find it on our own.)…

What To Do If You Don’t Have a Marketing Department

What To Do If You Don’t Have A Marketing Department

So now you’ve read my companion article on the importance of marketing, and you found it revelatory. Or you thought it wasn’t complete garbage – I’m fine with either. The point is, you now appreciate the need to market your company/idea/self more aggressively than you have in the past, and you’re ready to get started.…

Jeff Havens Financial Services Business Skills Video

VIDEO :: Financial Services Business Skills Blooper Reel

We’ve just released our newest video series on Financial Services Business Skills and as usual we messed up A LOT while filming. We hope you get a laugh at our expense! Make sure you check out our member section to get access to the full 7-episode series along with 10 other video series on various…

Keynote Speaker Jason Lauritsen

4 Ways to Avoid Being a Bad Manager

Guest post by Jason Lauritsen We love to blame managers when things go wrong. Employee turnover goes up—it’s because they are leaving their manager. Performance goes down—it’s probably because the manager isn’t providing feedback. The survey says employees are disengaged—we look to the manager as the cause. And while there is some truth in all…

Jeff Havens - How to Become a Keynote Speaker

How To Become a Professional Keynote Speaker

I’ve been making my living as a keynote speaker for the past eleven years. I like my job. It’s allowed me to visit dozens of cities and countries I might otherwise never have seen. It affords more flexibility than almost any other career I can imagine. (Careers with more flexibility include ‘part-time sock collector,’ which…

I love administrative professionals

Three Reasons You Should Fire All of Your Administrative Professionals!

So, today is Administrative Professionals Day, and bosses the world over are asking their administrative assistants to pick out presents for themselves that their bosses can then pretend to give them.  If I were an administrative assistant, I would probably buy myself a helicopter and then write my boss the nicest thank-you note ever.  Better to…

Jeff Havens How to Annoy Your Coworkers Article

Tips to Annoy Anyone You Work With

Oh, the little things. They shouldn’t matter as much as they do, right? After all, there’s war and famine and crushing poverty in various places around the world, which means that our tiny little problems shouldn’t bother us like they do. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.   But then someone decides to poke me,…

Jeff Havens How To Reason With Unreasonable People

How To Reason With Unreasonable People

One of the most difficult parts of having to work with other people is dealing with anyone who seemingly revels in refusing to consider anything you suggest before you’re even done suggesting it. You’ve got an idea you think might work, you make the mistake of getting excited about it, you then make the further…

Jeff Havens Business Transformations

4 Amazing Company Transformations Since Being Founded

Figuring out how to deal with change is one of the more difficult elements of professional life. I’ve spoken at close to 1,000 conferences at this point, and the vast majority of my clients want me to help prepare their attendees for upcoming changes or to help smooth the transition from a change that got…