How to Compete Against the Internet

How to Compete Against the Internet

I’ve done some preliminary market research, and I’ve learned that the Internet is really popular these days. Have you tried it? Of course you have, unless you live in a re-purposed beaver dam and make all your own clothing out of walrus pelts and alpaca hair. In fact, you couldn’t even be reading this without…

How to Handle Negative Google Reviews

How to Combat Negative Social Media and Google Reviews

Ah, the Internet. It’s one of the greatest inventions in the history of humanity. We can do things today that our ancestors never even thought to dream of. If they could come back and see what we’ve built, they’d think we were gods. Which is why tons of people love using the Internet to complain…

Interviewing Training Videos

Interviewing Video Series :: Blooper Reel

We’re releasing 2 new video series this month! Both focus on Interviewing. One focuses on how to properly conduct interviews and the other is for those people looking to improve their interviewing skills (looking to advance their career). And as usual we had a lot of fun filming these and wanted to let you see…

When Should You Raise Your Prices 2018

When to Raise Your Prices

Raising prices. It’s a hard thing to say to someone, isn’t it? Although I’ll admit it’s a much nicer thing to say than, “I’ve decided I’d like to make more money while doing the same amount of work.” Still, it’s very difficult to know when you can ‘get away’ with raising your prices. Most of…

How to Raise Your Prices in 2018

How to Raise Your Prices

OK, so you’ve decided to steal a little more money from your customers. They’ve been taking advantage of your natural kindness and timidity for far too long, and it’s time for them to pay!!! Great. I’m proud of you. You’re finally becoming the kind of ruthless, heartless capitalist I always knew you could be. That’s…

Jeff Havens Smart Marketing Matters

Smart Marketing Matters

A couple weeks ago I was on a plane – shocking, I know – and got into a conversation with a woman returning from a public health conference. The main concern of the attendees was how to combat the proliferation of high-sugar, high-calorie, low-nutrition foods in our schools, primarily (shout-out to my fellow Midwesterners coming)…

Jeff Havens - What My Infant Son Taught Me About Other People

What My Infant Son Taught Me About Other People And Why They Drive Me Crazy

First off, I promise this will have some business relevance. I generally don’t write a lot of articles that deal with parenthood, mostly because there are a trillion blogs that do exclusively that and I have no intention of turning into one of them. However, I’ve realized something recently that I think might help all…

Jeff Havens - Electric Shock

Would You Prefer Time to Think, Or An Electric Shock?

So I stumbled across this study about six weeks ago, and ever since I’ve been mentioning it in my keynote presentations. I included then link so that you’d know I wasn’t making this up, but I also don’t expect you to go and read the BBC article I’ve linked to, so here’s the summary: A…

Jeff Havens - Buy Happiness

How To Buy The Life You Want

Forgive me for using a title that sounds like a get-rich-quick pitch. “And if you act now I’ll throw in TWO copies of my book for the same price as THREE!” Which would be a terrible deal for you, by the way, but that’s not the point. You’ve probably read a thousand business articles by…


Sizzle Reel

This video is a quick intro to each of my four most requested keynotes.

Jeff Havens - The Upside of Complacency

The Upside of Complacency

My grandmother died last month. It was not an unexpected thing – she was 95 years old, and her health had been failing very gradually for the past few years. By itself, the knowledge that a loved one has lived a long life and that “it’s their time” doesn’t do much to help us deal…

Know your Weaknesses article by Jeff Havens

Why You Should Know Your Weaknesses

I am generally of the opinion that the only good reason for running anywhere is to escape danger. I sincerely hope to die without ever having run a marathon. However, since my working day consists of sitting at my desk and/or in plane seats for hours at a time, I do occasionally go to the…

Jeff Havens video blooper reel

Employee Engagement Essentials Video Series :: Blooper Reel!

We recently released our 9-part video series, Employee Engagement Essentials, to our members at  Of course we messed up a few times (or several… or a lot) and we thought you’d like to see it.  Hope you get a laugh and make sure you check out our membership options or contact us to see…

Jeff Havens - How to Overcome Fear

How To Overcome the Fears That Are Holding You Back

I probably haven’t met you, but I’m pretty confident that you’re scared of something. Plenty of somethings, more likely. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, since it’s true of all of us. For example, I am scared of being eaten by sharks (or even just one shark, really the number of sharks is not the…

Jeff Havens :: Holding Onto Fear

How To Recognize Which Fears Are Worth Holding Onto

“Wait, what? You’re going to tell me that it’s OK to be afraid of things? That’s not what any other business article I’ve ever read has advised me to do. They always talk about overcoming fear, not giving into it.” Well first off, I’ve never wanted to do things exactly like everyone else, and it’s…

Maja Kazazic Overcoming Fear Article

5 Ways to Crush Fear

Guest post by Platinum Speaker Maja Kazazic Learn who you are We are constantly bombarded by the vast amount of information. And I don’t mean the most obvious things like, tv, magazines, music, etc. But also things like people around us and subliminal messages we receive regularly from people and things around us. All of…

Jeff Havens Innovation Keynote Speaker Article 2

How To Convince Other People To Listen To Your Ideas

You have the best idea ever! It came to you in a flash while you were swerving to avoid a deer in the road, or perhaps it came to you slowly while you waited for a tow truck to come because you failed to swerve in time. But how the idea came doesn’t matter –…

Jeff Havens Innovation Keynote Speaker Article

How To Find the Time To Come Up With Great Ideas

You’re probably reading this while doing something else. You might be eating, or pretending to listen to a conference call you don’t care very much about – or maybe you’re driving, in which case LOOK OUT!!! Most of us spent a lot of time trying to do multiple things at once, if for no other…

Fun Employee Engagement

Unorthodox Ways To Improve Your Employee Engagement

Oh my gosh, another article about employee engagement! You must be so excited right now!!!! Or you’re not. After all, there are only 12 billion of these things floating around the Internet, so why bother reading this one? Don’t you know everything there is to know? The answer to that is probably yes. You know…

Jeff Havens Motivational Speaker

How to Motivate Others When They Don’t Want To Work

Congratulations! If you’ve read my other article, then you are now as motivated as ever, ready to make the world into your oyster – which is a terrible thing to want to make the world into, by the way, since oysters are gross, but that’s the phrase. Anyway, you are locked and loaded and ready…