Jeff becomes regular contributor for

Jeff has recently been added to the list of expert writers for and will be featured in his own section of the website based on his presentation “How to Get Fired!”  HeadDrama is owned by the parent company of the Daily Buzz – a nationally syndicated morning TV news show on which Jeff has…


We need more photos of Queens, NY

Is $85,000 too much for the government to spend on photos of Queens, NY? You know, I’m just not sure, but I probably won’t be adding it to my list of vacation destinations regardless.


Willis Report Clip of the Week!

Here is the latest installment of Jeff’s Willis Report Clip of the Week – Jeff’s quick take on the IRS and tax reporting:

Willis Report Clip of the Week

We’ve had a number of people request that we make my Willis Report appearances a little easier to find – so we’re starting Willis Report of the Week.  We’ll post a short segment each week to this blog so you can get to see what he’s been talking about on Fox Business.

AOL Book Review and Fox Business Guest Spots

The reviews for “How to Get Fired!” keep coming in with the most recent coming from AOL.  Geoff Roth, a former TV news manager and current Hofstra University journalism professor, reviewed Jeff’s newest book, which instantly skyrocketed to the first page of AOL Jobs Wednesday.  As Geoff put it, “How to Get Fired!” is a…


Horrible Customer Service 101: The Automated Menu

Perhaps one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century, right behind the flush toilet, is the telephone. And one of the greatest inventions designed to negate any usefulness the telephone might once have had in connecting you in any meaningful way to a business is the automated menu. I will assume that you have…


Sexual Harassment- The Only Thing You Need to Know

That’s right, my boorish partisan, keep your hands to yourself and don’t make extended eye contact. Today I bring to you everything you need to know about sexual harassment, ever. Many companies will provide mandatory sexual harassment seminars, some of which last for hours. This is patently absurd, since there is only one rule regarding…


Spring simply wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Boston, MA. I will be there April 29th to share How to Get Fired! with the students and faculty of Boston College. I love Boston – or rather, am amused by it. I’m amused by any city that was designed around the horse. What do I…


The Golden Wings of Gossip

I will be perfectly honest. Gossip drives the workplace. Even if you don’t actively participate in it, it is all around you. It flows through you, like the Force. It keeps people moving- alert- waiting for the next tacky, scandalous shoe to drop. You might even be lazily drawn to the heady aroma of juicy…