Canadians Beware!

I discuss some possible solutions to the United States job issue…

Katy Perry and Elmo

Katy Perry’s appearance was recently cut from Sesame Street – I’m sure Elmo had something to do with it.

The Frog and the Scorpion

I feel like shaking things up a bit, so today I’m starting off with a fable. You might have heard it before. Once upon a time there was a scorpion that wanted to cross a river. He began to research the rudiments of shipbuilding and was about to solicit bids from a small number of…


The NSFW App

Well this is an interested app that I bet Steve Jobs didn’t foresee when they created the iPod.

Jeff becomes regular contributor for

Jeff has recently been added to the list of expert writers for and will be featured in his own section of the website based on his presentation “How to Get Fired!”  HeadDrama is owned by the parent company of the Daily Buzz – a nationally syndicated morning TV news show on which Jeff has…


We need more photos of Queens, NY

Is $85,000 too much for the government to spend on photos of Queens, NY? You know, I’m just not sure, but I probably won’t be adding it to my list of vacation destinations regardless.