3 Leadership Lessons From My Father

Father’s Day is approaching.  Everywhere you go, grills and hacksaws and cologne are on sale, apparently since fathers everywhere want to smell their best while they saw their grills in half.  I’m sure you’ve also run across a smattering of articles and videos espousing the wisdom that the authors acquired from their own fathers, and…


7 Things Old People Do That You Should Too

So let’s get one thing straight, Baby Boomers – you’re not babies anymore.  You’re in your 50s, so stop lying to yourselves.  Oh, and in case you forgot, it was your parents that did all the booming.  Stop taking credit for their hard work. That said, you’re not quite the dinosaurs that young people sometimes…


Next Time You Complain About Slow WiFi, Watch This Video About 80s Internet!

Have you complained recently about download speeds for your streaming video?  Wondering how you ever survived the fiery hell that was the Age of Dial-Up?  Then you have completely (and blissfully) forgotten the days 80s Internet.  Watch this 1981 news report about this new-fangled thing called “The Internet” to see how far we’ve really come.  And…


7 Things Millennials Do That You Should Too

  Photo Credit: Matthew Hurst First off, I hate the word ‘millennials.’  It make them sound either like they were born on the millennium, which would make them all 14, or on the Millennium Falcon, which would make them imaginary.  Fortunately for me, I’m pretty sure you hate the word too.  I just put it…


6 Degrees of Millennial Hatred from Kevin Bacon

Over the years, as things age, they tend to become bitter. Delicious grapes turn into wine, succulent plums turn into prunes – and Kevin Bacon turns into a crotchety old man complaining about all those darn kids and their crappy music. If you’ve ever had trouble with someone from a different generation than you, I…


9 Reasons Your Job Is Better Than You Think

We all hate our jobs sometimes.  If you’re reading this on a Monday, you might be hating it currently.  Did you bruise your hand punching the steering wheel again while you were stuck in traffic?  If only people would simply give you money for being awesome and leave you alone, right? Well, until that happens,…


What Does Business Jargon REALLY Mean? A Helpful Visual!

If phrases like ‘circle the wagons’ and ‘all hands on deck’ have you wondering whether you’re in the wild west or sailing the seven seas instead of in a conference room, than you might have a problem with business jargon. Never fear! I’ve come up with a handy chart that will tell you what all that…


6 Things You Need to Know About Your Dream Job

My first job was detassling.  For those of you who aren’t from the Midwest (and for the 90% of Midwesterners who don’t know what I’m talking about), detassling involves walking up and down rows of corn to remove the pollinating pieces of the cornstalk, so that little corn plants don’t start sprouting up where they’re…


May Caption Contest!

What is happening in this photo? Leave a comment with a creative caption and you could win a copy of my book How To Get Fired! Make sure to comment by 10pm on June 2, 2014. Click here to read the rules and entry requirements!

How Professional Development Training Can Save Your New Hires

This video is the first in my Professional Excellence Training Series. Plenty of companies that are too awesome to mention use this training series to train their new hires, and you can too! Enter to win my Professional Excellent Training Series (an $800 value) here!

3 Effective Ways to Recover From an Argument

We all get into arguments with others.  It usually happens because other people are just being stubborn by refusing to see things exactly the same way that you do.  They should, and deep down they know that they’re bad people for being so difficult.  But it’s also possible that what I just wrote is a…


Spring Caption Contest Winner!

Congrats Kim! You came up with our favorite caption and your copy of How To Get Fired will arrive soon. Thanks to everyone who captioned our photo! All of the entries were hilarious! Want to get an email when we have another caption contest? Sign up here.


How To Avoid Annoying Phone Calls

When I was in 7th grade I had a huge crush on a girl named Christy, or Chrissie or Carla or Maggie – whatever.  The point is, I was in love.  But she didn’t love me back.  So when I called her, she would make up elaborate excuses to get off the phone with me. …


4 Ways Your Sales Script Is Slowly Destroying You

Hello again!  First off, sorry for my absence.  I could chalk it up to being busy, but the truth is I was kidnapped by pirates and taken to their jungle hideout.  It took me a while to escape and then fashion a raft out of trees lashed together with coconut fibers.  But I’m back, and…


The Disturbing Truth About Vacation Time

There was a time in the world when every day was a vacation, because we hadn’t invented work yet.  All of us just wandered around enjoying every moment except for the one when we got eaten by something.  But then work came along, and those glory days vanished.  Now we have to schedule vacation time.…

Administrative Assistants

7 Reasons Your Administrative Assistant Is The Most Important Asset You Have

April 23 is Administrative Assistant Day, a day where bosses the world over tell their administrative assistants to order flowers for themselves as a “token” of appreciation.  But they deserve more than that.  Here are 7 reasons that your administrative assistants are pretty much the only thing keeping you from bankruptcy. #1-  You have no…

How Many LInked In Connections Do You Have

500+? Find Out How Many LinkedIn Connections You REALLY Have

Every month I like to keep track of how many LinkedIn connections I have, but once you get over 500 it just says 500+ and finding the actual number is like trying to find Waldo in a field of candy canes.  I’m not sure why LinkedIn likes to hide this number, but after struggling to…