US vs THEM by Jeff Havens

It’s “US vs. THEM!”

The first in our series of videos promoting my newest book, “US vs. THEM!” And you should watch it, even if you hate reading or are illiterate. It’s hilarious, and features children and the worst weight-loss device ever. How did those things make it into a video about my book? You’ll just have to watch…

Jeff Havens Motivational Speaker

4 Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker

Hello, my aspiring professional speakers! If you’re like most people, then you loathe the idea of doing any public speaking at all. Playing music is one thing, because you can hide behind your drum set or use your guitar as a weapon in case your unappreciative audience decides to rush the stage – but there’s…

US vs THEM Generational Book

“US Vs. THEM” is Available for Pre-Order!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads-up that my new book, Us Vs. Them is officially available for pre-order! . If you’ve seen my keynote by the same name, then you’ll know the purpose of the book – to banish once and for all the idiotic notion that there are four generations in…


Why Aren’t More “Great” Leaders Good Leaders?

*originally published in my April newsletter I’ve been speaking about leadership for several years now. I’ve read hundreds of leadership books and articles and case studies and biographies, although I have to space them out because eventually your brain begs you to stop torturing yourself and to go do something enjoyable instead. Why? Because after…


The 2014 Word of the Year Has One Huge Mistake

Several months ago, a bunch of famous linguists and grammarians got together to pick the 2014 word of the year; however, they made a huge mistake with their conclusion.  If I were them I wouldn’t quit my day job. Check out this video:

Jeff Havens Travel Destinations

5 Places To Go To Help You Survive the Summer

Well, there’s no getting around it – summer’s about to arrive. After months of blissful cold and weeks of glorious rain and mud everywhere you look, we’re about to be stuck with sunshine and clear skies for a few months. And trust me, I know how depressing that is. Personally I wish we could live…


How Our Motivations Change as We Age

When it comes to generational differences in the workplace, one of the more common distinctions we tend to make is that Traditionalists and Baby Boomers “live to work,” while Gen Xers and Millennials “work to live.” This is typically presented as a generation-specific quality; in other words, Baby Boomers have always lived to work, and…

Surprise and Delight your customers with Jeff Havens

Surprise and Delight Your Customers

So I fly a lot, and most of it is with Delta. Part of that is because I’ve never had any problem with them, but part of it is because I live in the kind of sprawling megalopolis where the airport offers a choice of…wait for it…two airlines, and the other one is United, and…

Relax Your Way To a More Productive Life

Relax Your Way To a More Productive Life

I’m sure you’ve heard that ‘less is more.’ I’m also sure you’ve realized how often that theory is completely ridiculous. It’s not like you’ve ever said, “Oh please, give me less cheesecake, for that shall be so much more filling.” When it comes to cheesecake, more is definitely more, and usually more isn’t even enough.…

How to Improve Your Leadership

Improve Leadership with Ridiculous Questions

Unleash Your Inner Tyrant TV Episode 13 In this leadership video I’m discussing how you can be perceived as a micromanager by asking ridiculous questions. Don’t do this. Did you like this video? Sign up for my newsletter here and get future episodes in your inbox. Or check out my Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! keynote…

Can Technology Replace The Need to Learn?

Can Technology Replace The Need to Learn?

A couple months ago, NBC ran an article predicting the potential demise of keyboarding classes. It seems that so many kids are becoming accustomed to texting that they don’t see the need to learn formal keyboarding.   It also seems that smartphone manufacturers believe that predictive keyboarding is advancing at a rate that will make the…

How to a End a Conversation with a Chatty Drunk

How to Leave a Conversation with a Chatty Drunk

4 Steps Help you Survive and Enjoy It. I go to a lot of conferences, which means I go to a lot of conference parties. They’re almost always great, with free food and music and the occasional theme party like the “Alice in Wonderland” gala I attended where they’d actually hired contortionists to play the part…

Why you should call in sick

Why You Should Call In Sick

This title may scare some of you in human resources, but there are some reasonable times when you should call in sick. Happy Monday!

Keynote speaker Jeff Havens dog Pancake

5 Unexpected Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dog

As many of you know, I have a Golden retriever named Pancake. He’s 9 months old now, and I’m beginning to wonder if getting him was a good investment since he has so far shown absolutely no interest in retrieving any gold for me. But he’s cute, and I’m choosing to interpret his insistence on…

Best Used Car Ad Ever

The Best Used Car Advertisement EVER!

You know, sometimes it’s worth going back through old files to see what you once created that you have since completely forgotten about. Several years ago my brother was trying to sell his wife’s car, and he wanted some help making the ad creative enough to get some attention. So I helped him out, then…

How to Determine Your Power Animal

How to Determine Your Power Animal VIDEO

A power animal is described as the spirit of an animal whose power can help you in your life and health. So you may be curious what your power animal is. Well, you’ll have to watch the video to get my thoughts on the topic.

Generational Differences - Young Woman

How to Talk To Someone Significantly Younger or Less Experienced Than You

This article was originally published in our January newsletter. 6 Steps to Improve Your Conversations with Young Co-Workers Alas, you probably work with people a whole lot younger than you are. Your company, in its depressingly finite wisdom, gave these children a chance to play at being grown-ups. They haven’t been working for very long…

Walking Causes Failure

Walking Causes Failure! VIDEO

If you’re in need of a little advice on success and failure, this episode of Uncrapify Your Life TV might be the ticket!