Jeff Havens Superman

Why Superman Is a Terrible Role Model

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m pretty incredible. I can do more work than you can, handle more stress than you can, juggle more responsibilities than you can, make a better soufflé, host a better party, negotiate a better business deal, tie my shoes more effectively…

Jeff Havens Keynote Speaker

5 Topics You Should Never Bring Up At the Office

Author’s note: Please don’t take my advice. Awkwardness is really underrated. We spend so much of our lives trying to do the right thing that we have almost forgotten the pleasures of making others uncomfortable. Sure, we indulge in unflattering judgments and ill-informed opinionating online, but the reactions of others are hidden from us. The…


4 Amazing Places Virtually Nobody Has Heard Of

Greetings again from the United States! My wife and I recently returned from a visit to her family in Spain, where everyone is constantly eating gelato. In fact, a recent study found that the average Spaniard is 10% hydrogen, 8% oxygen, and 82% pistachio gelato. Lick a Spanish person’s arm sometime and see for yourself…


How I’m Surviving Change

This is the last newsletter you’ll receive! OK, so that’s not really true. But it is the last one I’ll be writing to you from my home in Michigan. Except that’s not true either. But it definitely is the last one I’ll be writing from my home in Michigan for the next six months. My…

how to become more successful

The Most Relaxing Way to Become More Successful

My wife and I occasionally argue about the merits of napping. She has a hard time switching off and disconnecting, and trying to do so is often more stressful for her than it is to simply keep working. I, on the other hand, try to take a nap at least every day. Except for a…

Why Everyone Hates Performance Reviews

Why Everyone Hates Your Performance Review

So recently Adobe decided to eliminate their employee performance review. There are probably a lot of reasons why they made this decision, but the biggest is undoubtedly because their employees hated the performance review. They hated it for the same reason all employees hate performance reviews, which is as follows:

Jeff Havens - Awesome Job Perk Ideas

6 Awesome Perks Your Employer Should Be Offering

Employee perks can be boring. Most companies allow their workers to go to the bathroom, for example, and several have electricity. But sometimes perks are newsworthy. Google makes a huge deal out of offering breakfast bars and nap pods and on-site massages for their employees. And there are even companies that will provide you with…

Jeff Havens Simplify Your Professional Life

3 Ways to Simplify Your Professional Life

Greetings, my people! I write you today before heading of to Louisville, which I have learned is a city that is properly pronounced by only using the letter ‘l’ and an optional ‘v’. The city should really be spelled Lllllllllllvlllll, which would make it much easier for strangers to fit in. It’s an economy of…


How to Become an Overnight Success

History can be annoying sometimes. Usually I like learning about how people and civilizations got to be where they are. It’s supposed to be instructive, and besides it makes me feel like I’m more well-traveled than I really am. Have I seen a Sumerian ziggurat? No, but I know that was once a thing. That…

Leadership Decision Making

3 Habits of Terrible Decision-Makers

Decisions. Our life is full of them, and that’s why our lives are often very annoying. I don’t remember ever agreeing to become an adult, do you? I never asked for this. I was perfectly happy as a child, being force-fed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because that was the easiest thing for my mom…

How to market to millenials

How To Market To Millennials (And Incidentally Everyone Else)

To listen to the marketing world, the so-called “Millennials” are the only demographic worth paying attention to anymore. To be fair, marketers have always targeted the young, and this is a huge group of young people – 80 million to be exact, even more than the Baby Boomers whose tastes and culture have until recently…

Best Millenials Book

The Best Book for Older Professionals

Do you work with a bunch of ‘millenials’? Well, then this video is for you. This is the second video in our series of videos promoting my newest book, “US vs. THEM!”.

Travel Tips - Go Somewhere Awesome

Go Someplace Amazing!

Welcome to summer! At least I hope it’s summer where you are. So far pretty much every day of my summer has involved a 50% chance of rain, and it’s rained 90% of the time, which means that meteorologists are really bad at math. I’ve been forced to mow my grass twice a week, which…

US vs THEM by Jeff Havens

It’s “US vs. THEM!”

The first in our series of videos promoting my newest book, “US vs. THEM!” And you should watch it, even if you hate reading or are illiterate. It’s hilarious, and features children and the worst weight-loss device ever. How did those things make it into a video about my book? You’ll just have to watch…

Jeff Havens Motivational Speaker

4 Ways to Become a Better Public Speaker

Hello, my aspiring professional speakers! If you’re like most people, then you loathe the idea of doing any public speaking at all. Playing music is one thing, because you can hide behind your drum set or use your guitar as a weapon in case your unappreciative audience decides to rush the stage – but there’s…