For the past decade, Matt has been at the forefront of generational issues, working in various leadership roles at a Fortune 50 company in areas as diverse as marketing, employee retention, and management. Because of this expertise, Matt’s brother Jeff Havens approached Matt for help in crafting a new keynote presentation on generational issues in the workplace. The resulting Us Vs. Them was so fun to create – and so relevant to businesses of every shape and size – that Matt began presenting the talk himself.

Matt Havens Office Fun Keynote

Boring Isn’t A Business Requirement!

Another week, another city! This week I’m in Atlanta where I’m getting the opportunity to learn all about highway transportation systems as I sit in hours upon hours of soul-deflating gridlock. (Am I kidding? Only slightly.) Quite frankly, though, I really enjoy visiting Atlanta. You’ve got a mix of great weather, a thriving big city,…