Business doesn’t have to be boring, and neither does your company blog and newsletter!

We know it’s hard to put together your business newsletter and blog posts. IBM research shows that 85% of company blogs have 5 or fewer posts. You probably didn’t even want to do it in the first place.  Someone said, “Hey, would you mind helping out with our blog?” and you thought that saying “Yes!” would be a great way to showcase your enthusiasm and work ethic and maybe help you get a promotion.  Then you found out how much work it is, and you went back to the person who asked you in the first place and said, “Hey, you tricked me.”  And they said, “Yep.  Totally.  You made it too easy.”

Fortunately, you have just hit the jackpot of business blog content and are well on your way to being an office hero! You can use our entertaining and educational articles FOR FREE in your company newsletter and/or blog. All we ask is for you to include a short bio and a link back to

Available topics include (click on the topic to read a sample article):

These are just a few samples and most articles on the Jeff Havens blog are available for use. If you see an article you like, or if you need help finding one that fits your newsletter or blog, email us here.

We’re certain we have something you’ll be happy with, and we’d love to help you.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity!

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