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The most innovative career development program available.

Welcome to How to Get Fired!, the only professional development seminar that prepares students for their professional lives by focusing on everything a good employee shouldn’t do.  Originally designed for college students and still delivered at dozens of colleges across the country every year, How to Get Fired! has also been adapted to meet the needs of high school audiences.

The show is organized around the Four Pillars of Poverty – fake your resume, establish your incompetence, destroy your work ethic, and alienate your coworkers – and covers such particulars as office gossip, Internet usage, punctuality, sexual harassment, accountability, personal initiative, communication, and more.  As with all of Jeff’s programs, How to Get Fired! begins by encouraging attendees to engage in all the worst professional practices before wrapping up with a serious conversation about the kinds of professional behaviors in which we should all engage.

Perfect as an innovative approach to new employee orientation or as a  novel way to get your students thinking about their futures, How to Get Fired! is simultaneously hilarious and every bit as content-heavy as a more traditional program on workplace development.  You can give your students another lecture if you want, or you can offer How to Get Fired! so they can laugh and learn at the same time.  Because improving your career preparedness doesn’t have to be boring.


  • The behaviors that will promote (or prevent) your upward mobility
  • How to prepare for the challenges of professional life
  • Techniques for becoming a productive and valuable team player
  • How to communicate with your boss for maximum, mutual benefit

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  1. Your “How to Get Fired!” book is an absolute riot!! I work at a library and found it on our Careers shelf; thought it was a cataloging mistake, at first, but it actually has helpful content toward the end. Well Done!

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