positive thinking jeff havens

Reimagining the Power of Positive Thinking

Everybody’s heard of the power of positive thinking – and if you’re like me, then the phrase is vaguely annoying.  “So I’m just supposed to think happy thoughts and everything will magically work out?”  That’s kind of how it’s presented, but life doesn’t exactly work that way.  For example, I once had a happy thought…

The Great Resignation

How ‘The Great Resignation’ Can Work to Your Advantage

By now you’ve heard the news – everyone is quitting every job everywhere.  Nobody is actually employed anymore, and the great engine that runs our global society is grinding to a shuddering halt.  In fact, it’s probably a good time to start stocking up again on toilet paper.  Chances are the people who make it…

Jeff Havens Keynote Speaker 2022

How In-Person Events Look Now

Since many businesses are currently debating whether or how to return to the office – and meeting planners are debating how exactly to host their events – I thought it might be helpful this month to give you some insight into the state of in-person events today. My first live event post-apocalypse (my cutesy way…

work shortage

A New Explanation For The Current Labor Shortage

By now you’re undoubtedly aware of the latest pandemic paradox: at the same time millions of people are out of work, millions of employers can’t find workers.  The explanations for our current labor shortage have been chalked up to a variety of causes from health concerns to unemployment benefits to remote schooling.  I’m not going…

How much control do you have

How Much Do We Actually Control?

(Hint – It’s More Than You Think) For most of us, the issue of control is a pretty big one.  We like the idea of being in control at all times – of our diets, our schedules, our financial future, our children.  There are times, of course, when we relinquish control and do wild and…

return to normal

How to Transition Back to “Normal”

It’s finally happening.  After over a year of living with some quite unexpected and unprecedented constraints, the world is finally, slowly opening back up.  Whether we return to a fully open state tomorrow or several months from now – and also regardless of whether you think it should have happened yesterday or should be put…