Salespeople sometimes get a bad rap.  When you hear the word “sales” you may think of a hustle-for-everything, no-holds-barred dogfight designed to crush your competition and bend customers to your will.  And you can certainly act that way if you want to.  Some salespeople do.

Fortunately, though, most successful salespeople recognize that sales isn’t as scary (or sleazy) as some of movies and stereotypes make it out to be.

That’s where Understanding the Sales Process comes in.  In this video series, you’ll learn the process that successful salespeople follow to generate more leads, close more sales, and develop long-lasting relationships with customers regardless of the industry they operate in.  Sales is a repeatable process, and by focusing on your process from the start, you’ll position yourself to succeed at a higher rate than your competition.  You’ll learn how to focus on active listening, speak with confidence, and tailor your approach to different prospects while avoiding some of the common traps salespeople fall into when they push for a “hard sale.”

Whether you want to improve in your sales career or you’re just getting started, Understanding the Sales Process is for you.  It’s yet another training course brought to you by The Jeff Havens Company, where we provide serious solutions in a seriously funny way.

Key Takeaways from Understanding the Sales Process

  • How to adopt a successful sales mindset focused on creating value for your customers
  • Techniques for navigating the discovery conversation and uncovering hidden opportunities your prospects aren’t telling you (and might not even know about themselves)
  • How to effortlessly transition to providing solutions for all of your customer’s needs (hint: this is where your product or service creates value!)
  • Strategies for more effectively closing a sale and turning your prospects into lifelong customers

What You’ll Receive:

  • 4 videos (approx. 25 minutes total)

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