The ability to speak confidently in front of others and deliver engaging, meaningful presentations is essential in so many different industries and careers.  It’s also the professional skill that causes more fear and anxiety than just about any other.

But it doesn’t have to. From his own unpromising beginning as a teenager with crippling stage fright, Jeff Havens has spent decades delivering thousands of keynote addresses and training courses to audiences across the world. In Presentation Skills and Public Speaking, he’ll walk you through what he’s done, how he did it, and how you can do the same.

In under 45 minutes, this dense, comprehensive course will give you a solid foundation in every element of speaking and presenting: overcoming fear, preparing for a speech, creating an effective outline, improving body language, developing appropriate pacing, exploring different vocal inflections, building effective visual aids, managing your audience, and more. It’s designed to be relevant for all types of presentations – live, virtual, technical, persuasive, motivational, intimate, and everything in between.

So if you want to become a charismatic public speaker and presenter – or even if you don’t want to but have to anyway – Presentation Skills and Public Speaking will give you the foundational skills you need. And who knows? You might even have some fun with this along the way.

Learning Objectives

  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking (hint: you actually have more experience than you think you do!)
  • Developing presentations with your audience in mind
  • Understanding the elements of a good story, and determining whether or not to include a given story in your next presentation
  • Effectively organizing your talking points into a coherent and compelling presentation
  • Improving your body language and vocal delivery
  • Understanding the important differences between live and virtual presentations
  • Creating effective visual aids that enhance your presentation (because ineffective ones will detract from it!)
  • Effective preparation techniques
  • Managing both attentive and inattentive audience members
  • Answering questions intelligently – including ones you don’t know the answer to!

What You’ll Receive:

  • 5 videos (approx. 45 minutes total)

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