Every year, ethical violations cost companies millions (and sometimes billions) of dollars in fines, legal fees, and lost revenue.  In an increasingly transparent world, maintaining ethical business standards is increasingly important.

The only problem is that ethics training is usually about as exciting as watching someone watch paint dry.  Fortunately for you, we’ve found a way to make ethics training fun.  Our Business Ethics series covers a wide range of important ethical issues – conflicts of interest, harassment, privacy concerns and more – and it does so in an engaging, entertaining way.  Behaving ethically is enormously important, and we thought people might be more inclined to listen if they were able to think “this is actually enjoyable!” rather than “the boredom is literally crushing me.”

So get ready to enjoy Business Ethics.  Another training course from The Jeff Havens Company, where we offer serious solutions in a seriously funny way.

Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable gifts and favors
  • Understand what conflict of interest is and when you should excuse yourself from a particular situation
  • Identify and avoid multiple types of workplace harassment
  • Manage privacy expectations while using company-issued equipment and systems
  • Handling customer information correctly and intelligently

What You’ll Receive:

  • 4 videos (approx. 35 minutes total)

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