We’ve all seen those movie scenes where computer hackers use their super-fast typing skills to open a bank vault or shut down the power to an entire city.  You may be thinking that things like that don’t happen in real life, but they do happen. Cybercriminals routinely steal critical data from unsuspecting individuals and businesses and then use their unauthorized access to extort billions of dollars every year from those same victims?  Why can’t bad things only happen in movies?

Fortunately for you, cybercrime doesn’t work very well when your systems and information are properly protected – and that’s where Cybersecurity Essentials comes in.  This training course covers areas of data security and safety that everyone needs to know, from how to create secure passwords to how to avoid becoming the victim of a social engineering attack.  It’s been specifically designed for people without a robust technical background, which means the terminology and strategies in Cybersecurity Essentials should be easy to understand and follow even for people whose only solution for fixing a computer is to call tech support.

Oh, and it’s fun.  Cybersecurity isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to think about, which is why we’ve worked hard to make Cybersecurity Essentials as entertaining as it is educational.  So you’ll get to laugh for two reasons – first because this stuff is funny, and second because everything you’re about to see will make it harder for cybercriminals to conduct their attacks.  Or maybe you’ll laugh the other way around; we don’t really care what order you laugh in.

So get ready to enjoy Cybersecurity Essentials.  Another training course from The Jeff Havens Company, where we provide serious solutions in a seriously funny way.

Learning Objectives

  • Securing your data across multiple devices (smartphone, desktop, removable drives) and in multiple settings (work, home, public Internet)
  • Understanding what social engineering is, and how to avoid becoming a victim
  • How to recognize and avoid various types of phishing attacks
  • Developing robust and effective password and authentication procedures
  • Identifying the key types of malware, and preventing their adoption and spread

What You’ll Receive:

  • 5 videos (approx. 35 minutes total)

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