Building a healthy and resilient culture is essential for every business, but none more so than contact centers, where a single unmotivated employee can affect the performance of your entire department.  Most contact centers have a culture best described as “Metrics for Everything.”  Service level, response time, after call work, downtime, shrinkage – there are probably some contact centers that measure humidity and atmospheric pressure because hey, why not?  And there’s a lot to learn from all those metrics.  But some things just can’t be measured as easily as service level and adherence.

That’s where Beyond the Metrics comes in.  Designed for both emerging and established contact center leaders, this video-based training series takes a deep dive into the elements of contact center management that can’t easily be assigned a number.  For example, learning how to communicate with senior leadership in other departments is undoubtedly important, especially when those people have never worked in a contact center themselves, and yet there’s no metric that can help you there.  And is there a simpler way to gauge agent performance and engagement than analyzing seven different metrics every hour?  This course will answer that question as well.  (Hint: the answer is yes.)  Beyond the Metrics will provide you with a complete picture of what effective leadership requires and will ensure that you walk away with a comprehensive blueprint for enduring success.

Now so far this course description has been pretty straightforward.  But contact center training doesn’t have to be as dull as being stuck on hold for an hour.  We’ve worked hard to make this leadership training as entertaining as it is informative.  It’s hard to become a better leader if you’re being slowly bored into a coma while learning how to be a better leader, and it’s even harder to create training that you think is going to bore people into comas.  (At least it’s harder for us – apparently a lot of people like doing it that way.)  So get ready to enjoy Beyond the Metrics!

Learning Objectives for Contact Center Excellence – Beyond the Metrics

  • Understanding the value – and limitations – of a metrics-driven approach to contact center management
  • How to synthesize individual measurements into a more comprehensive story about agent (and center) performance
  • Various strategies for mitigating the problems associated with improper staffing levels
  • How to communicate effectively with senior leadership – especially those with no direct experience working in a contact center
  • Building a culture that fosters community, limits burnout and turnover, and drives outsized success

What You’ll Receive:

  • 6 videos (approx. 45 minutes total)

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