There are a lot of parts to your body, and we’re willing to bet that you’re attached to pretty much all of them. Which means you probably don’t want any of them to get squished, crushed, broken, or misplaced. Stubbing your toe hurts plenty, and that’s about the limit of what we’d like you to experience.

That’s why we created the Effective use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) safety series, a fun (yes, fun) training course designed to show you how to protect all your favorite parts of you. Not interested in digging splinters out of your eyeballs? We can help make sure you never have to. Prefer your brains to stay inside your head? We’ve got that one taken care of, too.

Now as you can tell from this course description, Effective Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not your typical safety training. The title may be boring, but the videos aren’t. We don’t want you to hurt yourself anymore than you do, and we’d hardly be doing our jobs right if you decided to injure yourself just to get out of having to watch these videos.

So kick back, find some popcorn, and get ready to enjoy our Effective Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) video series.

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Video #1 – Hand Protection

This video details several simple ways to protect your hands, which are the most commonly injured body part in the workplace. You’ll discover multiple types of gloves, a great way to make your coworkers leave you alone, and how big a difference five seconds of prevention can make. You’ll also discover something that nobody should ever, ever wear.

Video #2 – Knee Protection

Knees. They’re sort of weird-looking, but that doesn’t mean you should mistreat them. This video will discuss multiple simple ways to protect the most vulnerable joint in your body. You’ll also see a terrible way to motivate your coworkers, and there might be some random idiocy thrown in here just for laughs. Just because it’s a safety video doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Have fun!

Video #3 – Back Protection

Back injuries are among the most debilitating and life-changing injuries a person can sustain. This video covers the proper use of back braces, as well as a couple ways not to use them. You’ll also find out how to protect your back without any equipment at all, and you’ll probably see something you should never do to anybody stronger than you are.

Video #4 – Eye Protection

Your eyes can be annoying. They get itchy, and sometimes they look at things you’d rather never have seen. But since eye drops are cheap and you can always look away from weird things, you probably shouldn’t permanently destroy your eyeballs. This video will help make sure you protect them properly, and it’s way more fun to watch than most of the stuff people post to your social media feed. Enjoy!

Video #5 – Hearing Protection

In this video you’ll learn how easy it is to suffer hearing loss in the workplace, and how to prevent it. You’ll also learn the difference between 80 decibels and 85 (which is not as obvious as it should be), and there might be some other stuff in here too. We can’t remember.

Video #6 – Respiratory Protection

Breathing is awesome. You probably do it at least twice a day. Which means you might want to protect your lungs from dust, vapors, fumes, gases, and exceptionally smelly people. This video will show you which kinds of protection to use in which situations, as well as how to use them all correctly. You’ll also see some fun things to do at work when you’re bored. Enjoy!

Video #7 – Head Protection

This video will encourage you to keep your brains inside your head, mostly so they won’t get cold but also so you won’t die. Get ready for a slightly different safety video than you’re used to; we got sort of tired of doing things the way we usually do. But be warned – this video gets a little messy. We think you’ll have fun watching it, because we sure had fun filming it.