Jeff Havens is an original and in-demand keynote speaker who offers a suite of presentations designed to help audiences improve in various elements of their professional lives. Whether he’s talking about leadership in Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!, professional development in Becoming a More Annoying You!, or communication and teambuilding strategies in Uncrapify Your Life!, Jeff Havens will deliver a keynote speech unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Because instead of encouraging you to do what’s right (which everyone does), he’s going to encourage you to do everything horribly, horribly wrong.

Thanks to Jeff’s satirical, reverse-psychology approach to the traditional keynote model, he has breathed new life into the world of the keynote speaker. If you want your audiences to truly laugh and learn at the same time, and if you’d like to show them something they have truly never seen before, then Jeff Havens is the only keynote speaker qualified for the job. Learn more about Jeff’s revolutionary keynote presentations here.

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