Starting a small business is both exhausting and exhilarating, and there’s a ton that you’ll need to learn.  Fortunately, learning how to start a small business doesn’t have to be boring!  We know how hard it sometimes is to get students excited, so we’re here to help entertain and inspire your students to become passionate (and successful!) entrepreneurs.

The Jeff Havens Company, founded by internationally recognized corporate keynote speaker Jeff Havens, has created an entrepreneurial course that combines top-quality education with a healthy dose of entertainment.  Best of all, we’re giving you all the tools you’ll need to conduct the small business training yourself without any pre-class work on your part.  Previous customers who have introduced our Starting a Small Business Series to their business or entrepreneurial students have reported increased attentiveness, a significantly more enjoyable educational atmosphere, and far fewer students walking away with minor head injuries as a result of falling asleep halfway through class and bonking their heads on their desks.

Our entrepreneur series includes 20 video episodes (45 minutes total video time), an instructor guide with multiple suggestions about how to teach the material in the most entertaining way possible, and a student workbook that will guide your class through all of the steps necessary to create the kind of dynamic business plan guaranteed to get them some serious attention from partners and potential investors.

Want to make sure our small business video series is right for you?  Watch the first two educational videos below and view the associated lessons and exercises in the instructor guide and participant workbook.

We’re confident that you’ll find this the most useful and entertaining small business training series you’ve ever seen.  But don’t believe us, because we might be lying to you.  Watch the videos below and find out for yourself!

Note:  This instructional video series was created in conjunction with Illinois State University and was originally designed as a supplement for college students in the entrepreneurial, business, or MBA disciplines. 

What You’ll Receive:

20 videos (approx. 45 minutes total) covering the entire process of starting a small business – idea generation, gathering support, analyzing markets, identifying customers, developing a sales and marketing strategy, handling setbacks, and more.

A Student Workbook (134 pages), which includes summaries of the each video, room for notes, and questions and exercises designed to help you systematically approach the process of starting your own business.  This workbook culminates in the creation of a business plan that might be presented to financial institutions, investors, or anyone else whose help you might need along the way.  This book can function by itself as a supplement to the videos, or it can be used in conjunction with the Instructor Guide for instructor-led education.

An Instructor Guide (82 pages), which includes step-by-step instructions on how to use each video along with various ways to make each lesson as entertaining as possible.  No additional materials or pre-work necessary – simply follow the instructions, and in less than 5 minutes you’ll be ready to teach the course!

To view the first two videos in this series, along with the associated text in the Student Workbook and Instructor Guide, click the icons below the word “Preview” on the right half of this page.