If your business is like most, then you have a lot of workers with extensive experience (say, 20 years or more), and a lot of workers with relatively little experience (say, 10 years or less.)  The gap between these two groups is significant, and figuring out how to bridge that gap is absolutely imperative.  Fortunately for you, it’s also a ton of fun – or it will be with the help of our videos and workbooks.  Get ready for a great time!

What You’ll Receive:

7 videos (approx. 25 minutes total) covering three major areas:

  • Framing the generational question in easy, simple terms (spoiler alert: there really aren’t four generations!)
  • Setting reasonable expectations for career advancement and continuing education
  • Appreciating the value of existing practices against the needs of a changing market

A Participant Workbook (66 pages), which includes summaries of each video, room for notes, and questions designed to help your people analyze their own attitudes and think about ways to continually improve.  This book can function by itself as a supplement to the videos, or it can be used in conjunction with the Instructor Guide for instructor-led internal training.

An Instructor Guide (58 pages), which includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the videos, along with multiple ways to make each lesson as entertaining as possible.  No additional materials or pre-work necessary – simply follow the instructions, and in less than 5 minutes you’ll be ready to teach the course!

To view the first two videos in this series, along with the associated text in the Participant Workbook and Instructor Guide, click the icons below the word “Preview” on the right half of this page.  To order additional printed copies of the Participant Workbook and Instructor Guide, click here.