Designed specifically with HR departments, new hires, and emerging leaders in mind, HR Intervention! will completely change your view of professional development training. Where everyone else offers advice, Jeff uses his trademark wit and reverse psychology to give you “permission” to engage in all manner of bad behaviors. In this action-packed, comprehensive hour of awesomeness, you will learn how to irritate everyone you work with in every way imaginable – and by doing so, you’ll walk away with strategies for working better and more effectively than ever before.

HR Intervention! covers a wide array of workplace issues, from dress code and meeting etiquette to conflict resolution and Internet usage, and it’s flat-out the most hilarious professional development seminar you’re ever going to attend.  Get ready for the best education of your life!  Because improving your corporate culture doesn’t have to be boring.

Partial List of Takeaways:

  • How to dress appropriately for various business situations, and which outfits should just stay in your closet forever
  • How to write emails and other business communications, and who to send them to
  • How to effectively lead meetings and participate in meetings, conference workshops, and other group events
  • How to employ simple strategies for resolving workplace conflicts calmly and productively
  • How to become the kind of team player that will earn the respect of your peers and improve your chances of promotion