We’ve all heard an objection before.  Whether it’s your children objecting to an early bedtime or your coworkers objecting to wearing wizard costumes for your wizard-themed trade show booth, objections are a fact of life.  You could choose to take those objections at face value – and unfortunately, some salespeople do.

But not you.  You know that the most successful salespeople use objections as a springboard to solving problems.  How do they do it exactly?  That’s where Overcoming Objections comes in.

In this video series, you’ll learn the five objections that salespeople in every industry most commonly face.  We’ll walk you through not only what customers say when they make objections, but also (and more importantly) what those words actually mean.  You’ll also learn simple and repeatable strategies for taking those objections and turning them into sales opportunities.   You won’t be able to stop customers from objecting altogether, but you will learn how to stop taking objections literally and convert more sales at a higher rate.

Oh, and this stuff is funny too.  Hilarious, actually.  Because we’ve learned that people commonly object to boring training, which is why we don’t make any of it.

Overcoming Objections is vital for anyone who wants to learn foundational sales strategies or improve their existing sales techniques.  It’s another training course brought to you by the Jeff Havens Company, where we provide serious solutions in a seriously funny way.

Key Takeaways from Overcoming Objections

  • Learn the five most common objections you’re likely to hear and strategies for overcoming all of them quickly and seamlessly
  • How to interpret the objection your customer gives and ultimately understand what they really mean when they say it
  • Leveraging silence as a negotiating tactic
  • How to remove price as an obstacle to purchasing
  • When to transition from ‘making a sale’ to ‘securing an appointment’

What You’ll Receive:

  • 5 videos (approx. 35 minutes total)

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