Every job has some basic skills you’ll need to master in order to perform the job well.  A snake charmer, for example, needs a steady hand (and probably a healthy supplier of anti-venom) and a deodorant tester probably needs at least three or four armpits.

And sales is no different.  A strong educational foundation is critical to growing and sustaining a successful career in sales.  And that’s where Sales Fundamentals comes in.

In this video series, you’ll learn the strategies all successful sales professionals deploy to ensure more successful interactions with their prospects, which results in more frequent sales.  We’ll walk you through developing a consistent elevator pitch grounded in a strong value proposition specific to you and your product or service.  You’ll also learn how to target the right customers for your business and effective time management strategies for getting the most out of each day.  After all, the best salespeople work both smarter – and harder – than the rest.  With Sales Fundamentals as your foundation, you will, too.

Although technically we can’t MAKE you work harder.  That’s up to you.  But we CAN make this training funny and entertaining because that’s what we like to do.  So get ready to enjoy Sales Fundamentals.  Another training course brought to you by The Jeff Havens Company, where we provide serious solutions in a seriously funny way.

Key Takeaways from Sales Fundamentals

  • Learn how to develop, tweak, and perfect your sales value proposition so it connects from the customer’s perspective
  • Build the optimal elevator pitch by leveraging three simple questions which drive customer buying decisions
  • Develop strategies for better time management to ensure your time is spent on value-added activities which lead to more sales
  • Acquire tools for more targeted prospecting to find customers more likely to purchase your product or service
  • Understand the five most common pitfalls sales professionals encounter and how to avoid them altogether

What You’ll Receive:

  • 5 videos (approx. 35 minutes total)

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