Leadership might be the word we use for moving any organization forward, but effective leadership doesn’t look the same from one business to the next.  Manufacturing and industrial environments present unique challenges (and opportunities) that require a different approach than you might find in a retail or office environment.

That’s why we’ve tailored this leadership training specifically to people who work in manufacturing or industrial settings.  Our video-based educational series will provide you with multiple techniques for driving engagement, attracting the right talent, increasing retention, and resolving the problems that will inevitably arise whenever people work together under difficult, stressful, or dangerous conditions.

But if that’s all this was, then you probably wouldn’t enjoy watching any of it.  After all, the title is pretty boring, right?  But thankfully the content isn’t.  As with every Jeff Havens Company training course, we’ve worked hard to make sure this stuff is as entertaining as it is educational.

So whether you’re a newly-minted supervisor or have been running things for years, Leadership for Manufacturing Professionals has something you can learn.  And we promise you’ll enjoy the process.  Another training course from The Jeff Havens Company, where we provide serious solutions in a seriously funny way.

Key Takeaways from Leadership for Manufacturing Professionals:

  • How to effectively make the transition from team member to team leader
  • Strategies for onboarding new hires
  • Using effective communication techniques to improve engagement, handle complaints, and create a respectful working environment
  • Solving problems using root cause analysis

What You’ll Receive:

  • 8 videos (approx. 50 minutes total)

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