The cost of conflict in the workplace is significant – up to $359 billion in lost productivity, and an average of 42% of your managers’ time is spent dealing with various conflicts.  Fortunately, unresolved conflict is the single largest reducible cost in many businesses.  Our Conflict Resolution series will give your team the tools to resolve their issues before they become issues, and they’ll have fun doing it.  Who knew conflict resolution could be fun?  We did.

Learning Objectives:

  • Express problems, concerns, and ideas in an effective and successful way
  • Develop successful strategies for responding to the problems and concerns of others
  • Create an environment in which all conflicts are highly likely to be resolved in a mutually satisfactory fashion

What You’ll Receive:

  • 10 videos (approx. 20 minutes total)
  • A Participant Workbook (68 pages), which includes summaries of each lesson, room for notes, and questions designed to help your people analyze their own customer service practices and think about how to continually improve.  This book can function by itself as a supplement to the videos, or it can be used in conjunction with the Instructor Guide for instructor-led internal training.
  • An Instructor Guide (50pages), which includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the videos along with various ways to make each lesson as entertaining as possible.  No additional materials or pre-work necessary – simply follow the instructions, and in less than 5 minutes you’ll be ready to teach the course!

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