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A few articles from his recent book tour:

Now that companies are starting to hire again, here’s a book to add to your summer reading list: “How to Get Fired,” by Jeff Havens. Havens, a high school teacher turned standup comedian, said the book is aimed at 20-somethings. “Apparently, a big issue for employers is to try to figure these kids out,” Havens said. “They have a different approach to the world: Their attention span is shorter. They want things to happen more immediately and they want more attention,” he explained.
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Jeff Havens, 31, is a former high school English teacher who joined the world of stand-up comedy six years ago and became a corporate motivational speaker. After the success of his humorous presentation about corporate culture called Uncrapify your life, the Madison, Wisc., resident embarked on a college campus tour geared to helping new graduates get, and keep, jobs. His subsequent book, How to get fired, an employees guide to perpetual unemployment is published by Big Pow! Books… Read the Q&A with Toronto Star reporter Trish Crawford
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I’m supposed to do this book review, but I don’t really feel like reading the book. So, I’ll just read the liner notes, make up some stuff about the book and go back to checking my Facebook page and drinking coffee. No one will ever know, since you’ll probably never read the book anyway. And, that is how I would start this article if I took to heart the tongue-in-cheek advice in a new book called ‘How to Get Fired, The New Employee’s Guide to Perpetual Unemployment’ by Jeff Havens. But, since I value my job and do have a good work ethic, I did read the book, and I’m actually going to take the time to write a review of it that hopefully will give you some insights….
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“Jeff Havens is the IDEAL guest for live TV. One of the best interviews I’ve ever booked!”