So it’s official – we’re all sick of winter. Even if you live in the South (especially Atlanta!), then you’ve had enough days of polar vortexing, which sounds more than a little menacing by the way. Seriously, the only way they could make ‘snow’ and ‘cold’ sound more terrifying is if they started calling it the Freezytime Deathspike or something.

Anyway, you’re ready for spring to get here. You want to go outside and play on your tire swings and beat your houserugs and all those others things that we associate with spring. But alas, you can’t yet, because the Freezytime Deathspike won’t let you.

Never fear! This month’s newsletter and blog articles will focus on leadership, and I know exactly how to lead you into the glorious spring that’s just around the corner. Get ready to make everyone around you happier (including yourself) than you ever thought possible in the stupid endless gray month of February!

Give Your Officemates a Snowman!

This isn’t complicated. Bring a plastic bowl from home. Scoop some snow off your car when you arrive to work, put it in the bowl, and lovingly sculpt it into a snowman. You probably have some random paper clips, pen caps, old Skittles, and other junk lying in the cupholder of your car, and you can use those things as arms and eyes. Then, just set it on a colleague’s desk. With any luck they’ll see it before it melts, although coming to work with a bowl of water with paper clips and old Skittles floating in it would be amusing all by itself. If it doesn’t make their day, then they are incapable of experiencing joy.

Spend a Day at the Beach!

You can create a beach in your office with a couple folding chairs, some cheap sunglasses, and one of those aluminum reflecty thingies that people use whenever they want to make themselves look like leather – the whole thing should cost no more than $20. If you want to go all out, find an “Ocean Sounds” radio station on Pandora (guarantee you they have one), and turn your breakroom into a tropical getaway. Or you can require people to lie down and relax for 5 or 10 minutes before you get your next meeting started. It won’t significantly interrupt your day, and I promise people will feel more relaxed (and more receptive to whatever you have to say) when you get back to work.

Let Loose the Leprechaun!

I totally made this one up, but I still think it’s awesome. You know those chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil? Well buy a bunch of those this weekend. Then, leave them in various places around your office – under people’s desks, on the bathroom sink, behind the drinking fountain, in little piles in the lobby, and anywhere else you can think of. Then, post a note in a public space (anonymously, if you want) advertising for a “Missing Leprechaun” and mention that he likes to leave gold coins lying around. You can even offer a reward if anyone manages to find him, and I’d bet anything that someone goes out and buys a stuffed leprechaun to keep the game going. Even if that doesn’t happen, though, it’ll be the most entertaining preparation for St. Patrick’s Day ever, and it will definitely get people thinking about spring.

I hope that helps. If you’d like to learn more interesting, useful, and unorthodox ways to make your team love you even more than they currently do, check out my blog. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat a fistful of gold coins. Because those things are delicious.

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